Avi Laviad, married father of three, writer, engineer and freelancing astronaut. Formerly wrote a hilarious book named “Moving In Alone” published by “Yediot Ahronot/Astrolog” and currently a publicist in the Israeli media. This website is the natural sequel to the popular column “Hormonal Dad” previously published in one of the largest websites in Israel, “Mako”.

The “Hormonal Dad” idea started as a series of weekly columns in the “Pregnancy and Childbirth” section in one of the largest websites in Israel, “Mako”. What does a man have to say about pregnancy and childbirth you ask? Well, mainly his personal thoughts.

Every week I post memories, opinions, short stories and reflections related to the incredible journey my pregnant wife is going through, as am I- being her devoted partner, or more frequently, her happy helper.

The pregnancy period is a time in which two young lovers become a couple with a huge responsibility. My beloved wife changed during her pregnancy, psychologically and physically, preparing herself for the role of a lifetime, gradually turning into a mother.

I, on the other hand, mostly tried to catch up with her- understand what was happening in this blessed chaos and start shaping the most important job I will have for the rest of my life- being a father.
Like the child growing in the mother’s womb, the father’s role also takes shape over the course of nine months until it finally becomes an official part of you as you hear your baby’s voice crying at the top of its lungs for the first time.

This initial period is full of exciting, funny, annoying and mainly rare situations, and my job is to shed some light on these situations from a male’s point of view, my point of view.

I hope you love and fall in love with my words,

Avi Laviad.